Video: Haldiram Trends after Reporter Called Out Store Manager Over ‘Urdu’ Text | Latest India News

A video showing a TV reporter heckling a Haldiram store employee over the text, which she says is written in “Urdu”, on a food packet is going viral on social media. While controversial TV reporter Sudarshan News TV is seen getting into a verbal altercation with a Haldiram store worker, claiming the company wants to hide ‘something’ and promote ‘something’, many on the social networks criticized the journalist and praised the store. manager for not bowing down and confronting her.

The store manager is heard saying, “You can do whatever you want ma’am, Haldiram won’t accept such temper tantrums” – when the reporter shoves a microphone in her face saying that an Urdu script ” betrays Hindus who fast during Navratri”.

The Indian Youth Congress also took to Twitter to criticize the journalist. “Sudarshan News reporter poured hateful poison in front of police, police remained silent spectators…” he wrote in Hindi while sharing the video.

The incident comes even as the nation witnesses ever-increasing incidences of rhetoric over objections to halal meat, hijab and Azaan.

While some users on social media suggested that Haldiram give the store manager a raise for standing up to the reporter, many claimed that the writing on the package is in Arabic and that it is there because it is exported to the Middle East.

India’s Supreme Court has expressed strong disapproval of Islamophobic content from far-right broadcaster Sudarshan TV in the past, but the government has allowed it to air programs on topics such as a “plot to infiltrate Muslims into government services”.

“The Sudarshan TV show on the infiltration of Muslims in public services is insidious and rabid because it tends to target a particular community,” Supreme Court Justice DY Chandrachud had said during the hearing. legal confrontation over the channel’s hate speech two years ago.

“I saw one of the episodes and it was hurtful to watch. Many images are offensive and should be removed,” Judge Indu Malhotra said.

Last year, Fabindia’s Diwali ad made headlines after a row broke out over the Urdu phrase Jashn-e-Riwaaz. The brand has been accused of “disfiguring” the Hindu festival of Diwali by naming its festive collection Jashn-e-Riwaaz.