Veteran journalist Lawrence Money “Just A Little Prick” at the Comedy Festival

Lyrics by Ben Lamb
In partnership with Lawrence Money

There’s no doubt that the Melbourne International Comedy Festival has something for everyone, whether you want to see improv, sketch or good ol’ stand-up, the festival will have something for you.

That’s where Lawrence Money comes in, a longtime Melbourne newspaper columnist who has a keen eye for the eccentric. He brings his unique take on being Australian to this year’s festival.

After working as a journalist for decades, Money knows how to share his unbiased view of the world. With few opportunities to share his humor and real opinions in the world of newspapers, he moved into the world of comedy.

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his show, Just a little sting, which he notes should read with the banner above, “He was afraid of the jab but it was…” allows him to share his perspective on the things that hurt him.

“I select some of the ads from major retailers.” said Lawrence. “Harvey Norman makes billions, but never wants the money. No down payment, no interest, nothing to pay until who knows when? I guess they leave the bill to be paid on their estate.

“Then there is The Drain Man. Is there a sadder, more depressed voice on Melbourne radio? What the hell happened? His wife left him for a plumber with a bigger pipe? Why is Franco Cozzo’s furniture so gigantic? Did 20and did Australian children of the last century really eat Vegemite for “breakfast, lunch and tea”? That’s more than 1090 slices of toast per year! Each a question Money hopes to answer Just a little prick.

The show is open to the public and to humor lovers of all ages, there is no vulgar language everywhere, everyone can come and have a good time. And yes, Lawrence is aware of the noticeable similarity between his name and Lawrence Mooney’s — even bringing it up during a show last year.

“Last year I attended his show, and the other Lawrence was kind enough to wait for me in the lobby after the show to say hello. ‘We are mingling now, I’m doing comedy’ , I told him. In fact, I tell a crazy story about it on my 2022 show. ”

The world of humor has always been a constant in Lawrence’s life, who notes that he still has his grade eight report card, saying he might be fine once he realizes the life was more serious than he thought. He says he continued to piss in his newspaper columns for 38 years and now he does on stage.

Lawrence’s show takes place at Speakeasy headquarters, with shows on select dates throughout these months of March and April. The room holds a special place in the heart of the comedian: “It reminds me of the small Muse theaters that my father Alan ran in the 1960s, first in Prahran then in Carlton. Money notes that some great comic minds from many generations have had an influence on him at times, making him a strong comedic force in Australia.

“As a child, Laurel & Hardy and the Three Stooges. As an adult, Bill Cosby, Billy Connolly, Victor Borge, Barry Humphries and Jerry Seinfeld are in my top ten,” he says.

Writing scripts is not Money’s process, noting that he only notes recall points, rehearsing a full show off the top of his head. He says he builds his shows by recording ideas on his iPhone, which eventually become fully formed. This allows the show to flow naturally and build a strong relationship with the audience.

“As festival season approaches, I take hour-long walks and listen to myself perform. I’m using the guitar this year for a bit of musical contrast. It helps to ensure that the thread of the show stays in the head.

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