Ukrainian journalist: Ukrainian journalist breaks down during live TV after seeing pictures of her destroyed family home, says ‘my house is bombed’

Ukraine is currently going through a difficult time as Russia continues to bomb the country as part of the ongoing invasion. All corners of the world are currently witnessing the grim crisis in Ukraine.

During one such live broadcast where two journalists were discussing the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a BBC presenter from Ukraine broke down after it was revealed that the footage of the devastated building playing on the TV screen was actually where she grew up. and lived with his family. It was his house.

Journalist Olga Malchevska revealed during the chat that moments after it was finalized they would come to the studio to cover the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis, she learned that her home in a war-affected country had been bombed on Friday morning , and his family were among the many victims.

Malchevska was talking with her colleague Karin Giannione when the images from Ukraine appeared on the television screen. The two were discussing the fight which has now reached the center of Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, when Malchevska breathed a sigh of relief after receiving a text message from her mother.

“I have just received a message from my mother. Finally, I could not reach her”, declared the Ukrainian journalist to her colleague in full discussion. “She took refuge, she hid in the basement and luckily she was not in our building which was bombed at night,” she added.

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“It was literally the building we were talking about that was destroyed by what happened?” asked Giannione. “Yes,” Malchevska replied.

“You know, when we agreed yesterday to come to the studio in the morning, I couldn’t imagine that at 3 a.m. London time I heard that my house was bombed,” she added.

Looking at the images, the journalist still couldn’t believe that this was happening in the neighborhood, the country in which she lived.

“I just can’t believe in my head, you know, what I’m seeing is actually somewhere I used to live,” Malchevska said.

On Saturday, Russian troops stormed the Ukrainian capital and street fighting broke out as city officials urged residents to take shelter.

Several Indian citizens are also stranded in Ukraine. An Air India Boeing plane took off from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport for the Romanian capital Bucharest early in the morning on Saturday to bring stranded Indian citizens back to Ukraine.

Due to the ongoing war, Ukrainian airspace has been closed to civilian air operations since the morning of February 24, and therefore evacuation flights are operating from Bucharest and Budapest.