The Denver Post Honors Top Journalists and Names Shelly Bradbury Journalist of the Year

Eric Lutzens, The Denver Post

Shelly Bradbury

The Denver Post has named reporter Shelly Bradbury as Reporter of the Year for 2022, recognizing both her reporting and writing skills, and her pivotal role in many of Colorado’s biggest stories over the course of the year. ‘last year.

Her notable recent work in Denver includes an investigation, with journalist Meg Wingerter, into the death of Olivia Gant and the Colorado Children’s Hospital’s decision not to report caregivers’ suspicions that the child was being abused.

Bradbury spent weeks reporting on the Twelve Tribes cult and its presence in Colorado, culminating in a series of stories about alleged child abuse and the cult’s business operations.

Bradbury, who joined The Post in 2019, is already a decorated journalist. She was a key part of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette team that won a 2019 Pulitizer Prize for coverage of the Tree of Life synagogue massacre in 2018. In 2020, she was a Pulitzer finalist for an investigation into abuse child sex among the Amish and Mennonites. communities.

Nominating Bradbury for the award, editor Matt Sebastian said: “She’s a stubborn, competitive journalist who I can always count on to be thorough, dotting every I and crossing every T. news and diving into bigger projects. deep.

The finalist for the award was Nuggets reporter Mike Singer, recognized for the passion, energy and competitiveness he brings to his work.

The other 2022 winners were:

Monica Brewer, the newsroom administrator, who received the Editors Choice Award, given to someone whom Denver Post editors want to recognize for their extraordinary contribution.

“She cares about the people here, she cares about the Post, and as one of her appointment letters noted, ‘She’s there when you need her, whether she has the bandwidth or not. ‘” editor Lee Ann Colacioppo said as she handed him the award. “For me, she was a partner, an advisor and a confidant. It is both the engine and the heart of our operation.

Maureen Burnett, who received the Colleen O’Connor Award for Work Colleague of the Year. The award is named after a beloved former Denver Post employee who was killed by a drunk driver in 2016. The award recognizes someone who makes life better at work. The judges praised Burnett, an assistant city editor who plays a vital role in the production of the print edition, for her willingness to throw herself into an enormous variety of tasks and fill in wherever needed.

The runner-up was journalist Kieran Nicholson, nominated for his consistent leadership of the newsroom guild. As one nomination letter put it, “He’s a straightforward, no-nonsense guy, and his calm, confident demeanor has been a comfort in our newsroom.”

Digital strategist Joe Nguyen, winner of the “We (heart) Readers” award, given to someone who keeps Denver Post readers at the forefront of all decisions. Nguyen’s work with the sports office and his focus on getting readers informed when they need it was recognized.

Photographer Helen Richardson was the finalist. Richardson’s work often sparks readers’ interest, and judges praised her for engaging with readers who contact her and for thinking so much about readers in her photographic decisions.