Ted Cruz walks away after reporter calls mass shootings ‘American problem’

Senator Ted Cruz walked away from a SKY News Reporter who questioned the Texas representative’s lack of solutions.

Cruz, an advocate for military-style weapons in the hands of the people and one of many Republicans who falsely claimed voter fraud in the 2020 election faces Mark Stone.

US TX School Shooting CrossPA

The exchange of words

Rocka foreign journalist covering US politics Cruz asked, “Is it time to reform gun laws?” moments after the senator expressed his sadness about 19 families who will never see their children again.

Cruz played the scenario that all republicans follow after each mass shooting, accusing the reporter of politicizing the tragedy.

“It’s easy to be political” Ted Cruz answered.

However, mark the stone followed the senator’s response with the the importance of politics on the issue and divided opinion by the State of Texas and the families of Uvalde’s victims.

“But that’s important, that’s the heart of the matter,” Stone said. “Where is it many people we spoke to here like to go.”

So, Cross blamed it media, democrats and mental health for what happened. Nonetheless, Stone pushed back on the narrative.

“A violent psychopath (like Cruz used to talk about Ramos and all the mass shooters) who is able to get a weapon so easily,” Sky News reported. ” A 18 years with two AR-15.”

Cruz again used one of the most common lines of pro-NRA politicians, saying nothing could stop the shooter.

“If you want stop violent crimeproposal from the Democrats, none of them would have stopped that.”

Journalist mark the stone did not give up and illustrated the reality of the problem.

“But why is that only arrive in your country?” Peter asked.

“I really think that’s what a lot of people around the world…they can’t imagine, why only in america?”

“Why is it AAmerican exceptionalism so awful?”

Cross blamed Stone for having a “political agenda” instead of following decades of data and evidence which shows mass shootings as an American problem.

Ted Cruz walked away while Stone kept asking him “Why is this an American problem?”