Shots that killed US-Palestinian journalist likely came from Israeli military positions, US says

Although the origin of the bullet could not be determined, the US security coordinator, who oversaw the analysis, “concluded that firing from IDF positions was likely responsible for the death of Shireen Abu Akleh “Price said, referring to the Israel Defense Forces. The coordinator had access to Israeli and Palestinian investigations.

During the analysis, the coordinator “found no reason to believe that it was intentional but rather the result of tragic circumstances” during an Israeli-led military operation “against Palestinian Islamic Jihad factions. . which followed a series of terrorist attacks in Israel.” Price wrote.

The findings come shortly before President Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East, where he will visit Israeli officials to affirm the two countries’ “unbreakable bond” and work to “deepen Israel’s integration in the region.” …which is good for peace and good for Israeli security,” the president said at a press conference in Madrid on Thursday.

“The United States appreciates and continues to encourage cooperation between Israel and the [Palestinian Authority] in this important matter,” Price said., pledging to stay engaged on the issue “on next steps and holding to account”.

In a statement posted to Twitter after the findings were made publicAbu Akleh’s family expressed disappointment and frustration with the analysis, pointing to organizations, including the United Nations, that found Israel responsible for the killing.

“The idea that US investigators … believe the bullet ‘probably came from Israeli positions’ is cold comfort,” the family wrote.

As Abu Akleh was a US citizen, the family said they hoped a federal investigation into the murder would be undertaken. Calling the murder a mistake during a counter-terrorism operation, the family said, is “frankly insulting to Shireen’s memory”.