Reek of hypocrisy – Shameless reporter attacks Newcastle United fans over Saudi issues

Newcastle United fans found themselves under attack, yet again.

Apparently the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the world is whether or not Newcastle United have a green and white kit as one of their two change strips next season.

Images circulating on social media, as is the norm at this time of year, claiming to be the new NUFC kits for next season, one of them green and white, colors previously used in the past by Newcastle United as strips of change but on this occasion when the club has the PIF of Saudi Arabia as the majority owner of the club. It’s not until the kits are officially released that we’ll know for sure that this is even one of Newcastle’s new kits, although chances are the social media images be profitable…

The dog’s whistle sounded and the usual suspects crawled under their stones, with journalists vying with each other to be considered the most outraged, exploding in moral outrage, demanding to know how Newcastle United fans can sleep at night, with the horrible thought that a white stripe with a bit of green might be released by their club.

One of those usual suspects is The Mail’s Oliver Holt, this is part of what he had to say about Newcastle United fans and the situation at their club – 14th May 2022:

“Newcastle will play in Saudi colors next season, associating them even more closely with a despotic regime. So beyond losing their identity, how many r fans are they willing to sacrifice? Green and white stripes for a home kit? MBS Park as the name of the stadium? Mail on the Sunday column later.’

“When will those who love the club object to the way Newcastle are being used?”

Glorifying in the riches now at their disposal, many Newcastle supporters have been fiercely loyal to the Saudis since they bought 80 per cent of the club last October and some have given up on their appalling human rights record. , their repression of minorities, their penchant for mass executions, their treatment of women and their targeting of civilians in the war in Yemen.’

“The idea that they got their club back after the Saudis bought it from the hated Mike Ashley also seems crazier every day. The truth is that they are further and further away from recovering their club. Who knows which part of the club’s history and culture the owners will appropriate next? Newcastle as a vassal state is a sad sight to behold.

“The prospect of Newcastle playing in what amounts to the Saudi national team’s kit does little for the credibility of the Premier League position.”

“Eddie Howe is an excellent manager who has done a first-class job since arriving in the North East, but his attempts to dodge questions about the Saudis’ human rights record will become even more untenable when his team dies. “Will be exhausted at Old Trafford and Anfield look like the Saudi national team. Is that really what a man like him and a club like Newcastle want to represent?

“How can there be separation now? How can it be said that the Saudi state is not using Newcastle for its own purposes, charging the club with its crimes, sucking it deep into its orbit?

‘What’s next, I wonder? When do people who love Newcastle object to the cynical way the club is being used? A new image of St James’ Park in MBS Park? Change the home kit to green and white stripes? How far should the Saudis go before their money is no longer worth it?

Many Newcastle United fans feel that many of these journalists who take the moral high ground come from very dubious positions.

Whatever term you want to use… Holier than you, let him that’s without sin cast the first stone, and so forth.

Ultimately, if you’re going to take that level of Mount Everest condemnation from Newcastle United fans or anyone, then you really have to be blameless yourself, no skeletons in the closet, absolute consistency of approach on these kinds of problems previously, to treat all in the same way, to condemn all in the same way.

Now I have to admit that when it comes to Oliver Holt, for some reason I can’t find any trace of the countless articles he’s surely written in the past, wondering how Manchester United fans can live when they- same, when their club took millions every year from Saudi regime-owned businesses via sponsorship for 14 (FOURTEEN!) years. Saudi Arabia is literally paying to use Manchester United’s good reputation and attach themselves to it. Saudi Arabia are Man Utd’s longest-serving sponsor and that relationship continues as we speak, with indeed a few years ago the Old Trafford club announcing a second annual revenue stream from the state of ‘Saudi Arabia.

The thing is, when you look at Oliver Holt you don’t even have to go that far, no need to search (for me anyway) impossible to find an array of articles calling out Manchester United fans and their club.

Would such a journalist refuse to legitimize such a country/regime by traveling there and covering a sporting event? Still, Oliver Holt was there in 2019 covering the Anthony Joshua fight… while in 2011 The Mail man didn’t have as much moral outrage over where the money came from to help fund Premier League clubs…

Oliver Holt – December 7, 2019 in The Mail:

“When the UK government is trading with the Saudis, it’s hard to blame Hearn and Joshua for taking their money too.”

Oliver Holt had this to say about Chelsea and Man City in 2011:

@danielvh88 Does it really matter who the money is? Chelsea spend Russian money, City spend Arab money, West Ham spend English money.

Oliver Holt has pointed out in the past that things are a bit more complicated in this global economy, where nothing is simple, where there are layers within layers, where so much is interconnected these days. Not always so easy to identify an absolute true and an absolute false as to who is doing business with whom. I’m sure these days Oliver Holt would never dream of getting an Uber (partly owned by Saudi Arabia PIF) instead of a taxi, while if he fills up his car I am convinced that he always checks first with the gas station that not a single penny of his money goes to the Saudi regime.

As the British Government and the Queen welcome Saudi Arabia as friends and business partners, according to Oliver Holt it is apparently the duty of all Newcastle United fans to take to the streets and demand that this shirt green and white does not see the light. of the day, if it even actually exists in the first place.

Newcastle United fans should apparently be ashamed if they don’t call the Saudi owners of the PIF, as Oliver Holt says “When do people who love Newcastle object to the cynical way the club is used ?”

Just hold that thought, those words, for a moment.

‘Double standards; definition:

‘Rule or principle that is unjustly applied in different ways to different people or groups.’

Definition of ‘hypocrite’:

“A person who claims to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., which he does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions contradict the stated beliefs.”

“A person who feigns a desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially a person whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his public statements.”

If journalists are so disgusted with where the money comes from when it comes to Premier League clubs, then surely they couldn’t work for an employer who does business with such a country/regime they disapprove of…

Maybe someone like Oliver Holt?

Neil Farrington via Twitter – May 15, 2022:

“I wonder what Ollie Holt thinks of his employers (Daily Mail and General Trust – DMGT) hosting the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo – ‘the Kingdom’s first-ever trade event dedicated to the entertainment and amusement industry’ – next week.

“Or the Saudi Light & Sound exhibition.

“Or the Hotel Show Saudi Arabia.

“Or the Saudi Infrastructure Expo.

“Or the Index Saudi interior design exhibition.”

Newcastle United fans don’t choose the football club they support, like any other true football fan, their club chose them. It’s a deal for life, not like changing supermarkets or jobs…

Oliver Holt works for an organization where the money that goes into his bank account is directly linked in part to the money generated by DMGT’s (Daily Mail and General Trust) relationship with the Saudi state.

Oliver Holt chooses who he works for, so if he has such principles at Mount Everest, how can he cope with working for an organization that has such large business interests involving Saudi Arabia?

As one of the Newcastle United fans in question, I will consider taking to the streets to protest against a potential new green and white strip, only once I hear that the hypocrite Oliver Holt refuses to continue to taking money from his employers who generate so much money from Saudi Arabia. Arabia.