Playwright sues journalist for publishing ‘hateful’ play about Daphne

A playwright behind a play inspired by murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia – Mario Philip Azzopardi – has sued blogger Manuel Delia for copyright infringement.

In March, Delia leaked Azzopardi’s script – Ix-Xiha – calling it “wicked, full of hate, prejudice, and disturbingly incurable visceral violence”.

Talk to Malta weather On Wednesday, Delia said: “I am confident that I acted within the framework of my rights and in full respect of my duties and I will assert this in court.”

Delia announced the legal proceedings on her blog, saying the first hearing in the case will be heard by Judge Ian Spiteri Bailey on Monday.

Ix-Xiha had sparked controversy after it emerged that it would not only feature a character inspired by Caruana Galizia, but also include the journalist’s last words – “the situation is desperate”. He did not mention Caruana Galizia by name.

Following a public outcry, Teatru Manoel canceled the play, which was scheduled for the Manoel Theater in April and May.

Last April, Azzopardi said he was considering taking legal action over the leak.

Delia argued Wednesday that he was within his rights to publish the script, saying his reading of copyright law was different from Azzopardi’s.

“As far as my duties are concerned, I am convinced that the publication of the play was in the public interest and the controversy about it had started before the publication of the script.

“Azzopardi said the controversy was fueled by speculation because people didn’t know what the piece was about, but I knew what the piece contained, so it was my duty to share that knowledge,” he said. declared.

Delia continued that since he was aware, as a journalist, of the content of the piece and that he (Azzopardi) claimed that there was controversy because those who criticized it did not know what the piece contained , it was his responsibility to share the script.

The leaked script had ‘negative repercussions on the playwright’

Also addressing Malta weatherAzzopardi said Delia’s decision to leak the script had “negative repercussions” on him and his work.

“The action had a very negative impact on me personally and it’s a huge violation against copyright.”

Azzopardi said Delia wrote that he leaked the script to “destroy” the play.

“Imagine an author writing a book or a movie and as soon as it’s about to be released, it’s printed on the internet. How would that affect them? It’s not a question of what he contains or not, but whether we respect authorship.”

Azzopardi continued that the court will now decide whether Delia’s actions were permitted or not.

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