Paris Saint Germain under surveillance after a critical question from a journalist on a very short flight

Paris Saint Germain star Kylian Mbabbé and team coach Christophe Galtier are in the spotlight after their terse response to a reporter’s question during an interview session a day before the League game champions against Juventus. The journalist wondered if the top French club were ready to travel by TGV (train), after Mbappé and his other players in the team made a flight of barely 400 kilometers – between Paris and Nantes – by plane .

After the publication of photos and videos on social networks, the director of French railways Alain Krakovitch proposed to PSG to think about a suitable travel plan with the TGV. The fast train would take them from Paris to Nantes in less than two hours.

It was not the fact that they took a private jet for their flight that aroused emotions, but their response to the climate question by the critical journalist caused a stir. The coach replied sarcastically: “We have checked with our travel partner if we can travel with a land yacht next time.”

Next to him, Mbappé barely rolled on the ground laughing.

Among other things, the French Minister of Sports replied that everyone should take some kind of responsibility in this climate crisis.

MEP Karima Deli called the behavior unacceptable: “they don’t even pretend to care about global warming or the future of our society anymore.”