Milwaukee-based citizen journalist takes the witness stand in Rittenhouse trial

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – A citizen reporter whose video was shown to jurors says watching it is like reliving the moment.

Kristan T. Harris can’t get that night out of his mind. Posting videos for his show The Rundown Live for over 10 years, he called Kenosha’s madness an “urban war zone” and said it was the worst thing he had ever experienced.

When Jacob Blake supporters took to the streets of Kenosha, Kristan T. Harris grabbed his cell phone and went live.

“So we have a rooftop militia here,” Harris said on The Rundown Live.

You see several people on the roof of Car Source, then you see Kyle Rittenhouse in the parking lot.

“And are you local or not?” Harris asked. “Yeah. I’m Kyle, by the way,” Rittenhouse told Harris.

“It was just a first meeting, hey, what are you doing here? He’s like oh, I’m Kyle. What are you guys doing? Oh, we’re here to protect the property, and he’s got me saying he’s a doctor and all that other stuff, which obviously wasn’t accurate. He just couldn’t wait to be there, that’s what I got out of it. I didn’t realize that he was there to be very nefarious,” Harris said.

Harris began documenting the Kenosha protests early on, arriving within the first hour after Jacob Blake was shot by police.

“It was wild. There were people jumping on team cars, throwing bricks through team cars,” Harris said.

Harris testified on Monday of this week. He says the jury saw less than 10 minutes of his two hours of footage. In the video, you hear gunshots in the distance, you see people running, and for a brief moment there’s Rittenhouse.

“I don’t think law enforcement made any good decisions that night. I don’t think the armed citizens made any good decisions that night. I don’t think the protesters made any good decisions that night. good decisions that night, and I think that’s why we have a court and that’s why we’re here now,” Harris said.

As for the protesters, we learn from Jacob Blake’s uncle that they will be back in Kenosha to plead for a guilty verdict Friday from 4-5 p.m.

They will also be back when the judging panel returns on Monday.