Journalist Yashar Ali sues Los Angeles magazine for defamation

Journalist Yashar Ali files a complaint Los Angeles Magazine for defamation a year after the outlet published a 6,000-word profile about him titled “The Curious Rise of Twitter Power Broker Yashar Ali”. Ali is best known for his large Twitter following of over 750,000 and for his contributions to HuffPost, NBC News and New York magazine. In the lawsuit, Ali alleges that the story lacked a fact-checker – which he said was usual for such a lengthy article – and that he was not given a fair chance to respond to the allegations, the Los Angeles Times reported. Journalist Parker Molloy wrote a follow-up article on Tuesday in which editor Maer Roshan insisted that “the article has been rigorously checked and legally verified, and by prior agreement with Yashar, every quote from him that is appeared in the story was approved by him”. Roshan said. According to the lawsuit, the feature also suggests that Ali became suicidal during the fact-checking process, which “falsely implies that [Ali] acknowledged the truth of the alleged revelations in the article and was upset that the public would learn the alleged truth about him. A spokesperson for The magazine say it Time Friday that he ignored the trial.

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