‘Inter coach Simone Inzaghi should be defended even if he doesn’t win Serie A’

Italian journalist Gianni Visnadi believes that even if this season does not bring Inter the Scudetto, the work of coach Simone Inzaghi should still be commended.

Writing in his column for an Italian media Calciomercato.comVisnadi argued that while the coach has had his flaws this campaign, the balance of his work with the team should not see his position in the balance.

Inzaghi replaced Antonio Conte as Inter’s head coach at the start of last season, and although things haven’t been easy throughout the campaign, he has delivered some impressive performances from the team. given the circumstances.

Even after enduring by far their worst two months of form of the season, Inter are still well in the hunt for the Scudetto, and should they win the title in the end, Inzaghi’s troubles of recent weeks would be forgiven.

For Visnadi, on the other hand, even if the Nerazzurri are missing, the coach should not be criticized too harshly.

Listing the coach’s flaws, he notes that “Inzaghi fought for Correa in the summer and so far the result of the season makes him not only a big mistake but also a costly one.

About the team’s lack of tactical adaptability, he writes that it’s “better to change form, not to play with the same system if you don’t have the players for it, to have the plan Much-vaunted B ready, maybe even upgrade to a back four.”

“These are Inzaghi’s flaws, but how is it possible to completely forget his merits,” he continues. “Conte, Lukaku and Hakimi left, Inter seemed in disarray, the fans were depressed, the club was for sale.”

“So why assume he has only 2 months left of Inter after he righted the ship?” he put.