Ibrahim Issa: Egypt is investigating a journalist who questioned the miracle attributed to the Prophet Muhammad

Egyptian authorities are investigating a prominent journalist for comments implicating a miracle attributed to the Prophet Muhammad.

The journalist, Ibrahim Issa, claimed that the “Isra and Miraj”, also known as the “night journey” in Islam, is a “completely delusional story”, sparking controversy in the country.

According to Islam, it was a two-part journey that the Prophet Muhammad undertook, first from Mecca to Jerusalem and then ascended to heaven, around the year 621. It is considered to be one of the events most notable in Islam and also finds significant mention. in the Quran.

Speaking on a TV channel on Friday, Mr Issa said preachers who only cite books confirming the event hold fundamental “Salafist views”. Such views do not offer a broader understanding of Islam, he claimed, according to the Middle East news site. The new Arabic.

Soon after, his views were condemned by Egypt’s highest theological authority, Dar Al-Ifta, who disputed that the Prophet Muhammad’s journey of Isra and Miraj “certainly took place and cannot in any way be denied” in a seven-point response on Saturday.

In a strong rebuke, the Egyptian public prosecutor ordered “investigative measures” against the journalist.

Officials from the Islamic country’s Supreme Media Regulatory Council said they would prepare a report ‘to initiate legal action for violations’ of its codes, according to Arabic news.

Mr. Issa’s comments were widely criticized on social media. Egyptian actor Mostafa Darwish has pulled out of the film the atheistbecause its screenplay was written by Mr. Issa.

This is not the first time that he has caused controversy with his comments. Last year Mr Issa said he was surprised to see a pharmacist reading the Quran and suggested he should prioritize reading over medicine instead.