Horacio Pagani insults a journalist who calls him ridiculous and they almost start fighting

Boca’s win over River in the Superclassico cut a lot of material and Sporting Events didn’t miss a moment to comment on the game. Horace Pagani And Nicolas Distasio put on one of the strongest fights I can remember on TV, When after an argument, they almost started to fight.

everything happened on the show football fan broadcast at midnight on Sunday thirteenThe two journalists were arguing about Alan Varela’s alleged kick, which fractured Rodrigo Aliandro, when everything went wrong.

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“Where is the foot in the opponent’s face? It’s amazing what they say”Pagani said he defended the Boca player, saying he had nothing to do with his opponent’s injury.

Horacio Pagani is 78 years old and has more than 50 years of experience in sports journalism.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the study, Distasio complained of defending the indefinite and In front of the sardonic laughter of his partner, he launched: “You are ridiculous.”

On hearing this word, Pagani Blast, He rose from his place and went in search of him to kill him amidst the humiliation of the former river historian. Quick of reflexes, the host of the show Polo Vignolo intervened to prevent what could have been a major role on TV.

After saying a few words and calming the situation down, the driver ordered a cut and After the break, the discussion did not continue.

Rodrigo Alandro’s injury. (Photo: photo bearers)

It’s not the first time that Horacio Pagani has reacted badly to his teammates

Horacio Pagani has had many crossovers with his teammates in recent years. The most memorable are those he did with Alejandro Fabry and Marcelo Palacios, but he also starred in Strong Discussions with Astable Edul and Juan Pablo Maron. The latter ended in humiliation and a real scandal in tune with the times.

Pagani is 78 years old and has worked as a journalist for the graphic media, radio and television for more than 50 years.

Who is Nicolas Distasio, the journalist who called Pagani ‘ridiculous’

Nicolas Distasio, 44, is a journalist who identifies as a River fan and has tied most of his journalism career to club Nez training and match coverage. Recently released from TNT Sports, he has been on the ESPN screen lately.