Here’s how Tovino Thomas prepared for the role of journalist in “Naradan”

Malayalam movie star, Tovino Thomas is making headlines for his latest release, Naradan. Tovino, who has a strong presence in Malayalam cinema, is busy promoting his latest release in Mumbai. In a candid interview with The Free Press Journal, the actor spoke about Malayalam cinema, his latest film, Naradan, to be an Indian superhero and more. Excerpts:

The success of Minnal Murali surely marked you as a solid actor, how does that sound?

Since I joined the industry in 2012, I’ve been living my dream and no matter what, it’s a bonus. In a decade of career, I have seen my upward journey, but with Minnal Murali, the growth in my career has been phenomenal. It’s great that not only me, others are benefiting as well. In fact, because of Minnal Muralii could make a movie like Naradan. Previously, Malayalam films were only made for the Malayali diaspora, but now they are made for the rest of the world. The language barrier is fading. This is the best time to be in the industry. Minnal Murali is my most watched movie.

You have joined the league of our Indian superheroes with Minnal Muraliyour thoughts?

I’ve been a Superman fan since I was a kid. I wanted to fly and save people but realized that was not possible. When I became an actor, I started having unconditional love. Parents of young children came to tell me that Minnal Murali is played in their homes several times.

Do you believe OTT pushed Malayalam movies during the pandemic?

It’s like that. Previously, moviegoers from the Malayali community would watch our movies, but with the massive invasion of OTT, things have changed. The pandemic has helped change the culture of watching movies in different languages. Best Malayalam movies are not there online. I myself watch world cinema in several languages. It is definitely one of the best industries in India.

Do you consciously choose your scripts?

There is a percentage of risk in every film. I listen to the script and decide whether to do it or not. Once the film has been made, we become acquainted with it. By engaging in a project, I believe in and surrender to the filmmaker. I obviously see the editing before giving a nod to a film. I don’t have to worry about anything else.

Naradan is your third association after Mayanadhi and Virus with Aashiq Abu…

When he (Aashiq Abu) told me about the idea of Naradan, I was confused at first. News anchors have different lingo, mannerisms, tone and body language. It doesn’t have to be subtle and understated. I had to be loud and use television language, not colloquial language. Aashiq Abu convinced me that he will easily work on my diction. I used to read Malayalam books aloud as we didn’t want it to be a blind impersonation of a news presenter.

Posted: Friday March 11th 2022, 07:35 IST