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Hooliganism, a deadly virus that has penetrated deeply into the heart of our football, needs a ruthless and pragmatic approach if we really want to make decent football work in our country.

The popular and consistent punishment for clubs when there is violence in a particular stadium has been to ban the venue for a period of time, but what happens to perpetrators who commit such crimes?

Responding to the increasingly sophisticated strategies of football hooligans, British police have invested in collecting evidence to treat these people as criminals.

Ramón Spaaij researcher at the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research of the University of Amsterdam

They found a search title PREVENTING FOOTBALL HOOLIGANISM: A TRANSNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE in English football where they classified hooliganism as the “English disease”

He concluded on how the English attacked the “English disease” in a 10-page document.

The main factor that helped the English was to treat these hooligans like criminals.

A country where a referee was killed by hooligans should get serious.

Few such incidents have happened before this season, but none other than site bans have been the norm

I believe the Football Association of Ghana can do more, I believe the punishment for such a violent incident at match venues is not just laughable but senseless and needs to change.

During the 2018 World Cup qualifiers between South Africa and Senegal, FIFA ordered a replay of the match after it was established that central referee Joseph Lamptey was compromised to influence the results.

The Ghana Football Association should adopt this principle:

Provides assurance to supporters that even if a referee’s error in his decision(s) has an impact on the results, the game will be replayed.

The FA must be honest and inform clubs if any form of hooliganism is recorded at a venue, that club will be banned for 10 years.

I believe that this statement of caution will be enough to scare the clubs and their supporters away from indulging in any form of violence.

By Listowell Mensah Daniel