Gale Weathers, the ruthless journalist of “Scream”, has a terribly good style

The evolution of Gale’s style through the Scream the films were just as fun to watch unfold as the continuous jumps and twists of the plot. In the first film, Gale dresses almost exclusively in power suits. When Sidney is first attacked by Ghostface at her home, Gale shows up as a pesky mosquito with her cameraman in tow, hoping to get some commentary. She wears a bright green skirt that buttons up the back. (It’s very modern Versace.) “Kenny, move your fat fat ass now,” she says. Later, while reporting at Sidney High School, Gale slips into a bright red skirt with a peter pan collar and gets a potential lead on the killer. she asks herself, “I can save a man’s life. Can you to know what can this do for my book sales? »

Gale weather in Scream

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In Cry 2, Gale’s aesthetic is less flashy TV journalist chic and more subtle investigative journalist chic. When she ambushes Sidney with a film crew (classic Gale), she may sport bright red streaks in her hair, but her wardrobe is minimal: she wears an elegant black button-up dress with an oversized pendant necklace. Later, when chased by Ghostface, she wears a white scoop-neck t-shirt with black high-waisted pants and a thick belt. The bloodthirsty killer? Frightening. But the cut? Timeless!

Strong and sharp silhouettes have aged well over the years. In Cry 3, she can get a little braver with her hair – thanks to her mini baby bangs! – but her impressive eye for couture persists. I love when she sneaks onto a Hollywood film set, with a hidden camera in her purse, wearing a bright yellow suit. In Cry 4, she’s also in fitted pieces, such as the purple sheath dress she wears while berating a publicist who offers to help revive her reputation. “In about two seconds, I’m about to revitalize your face with my ‘tarnished mark’,” Gale scowls in style. My venomous queen.

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