FSG have changed their approach to the sale of clubs, according to a journalist

Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) would rather sell the club than welcome investors, according to CBS reporter Ben Jacobs.

Last Monday, Athletic claimed that FSG had put the club up for sale and had prepared a sales presentation for potential buyers.

FSG responded to the report with a statement saying they would “consider new shareholders” under the right conditions. They stressed, however, that they “remain fully committed to the success” of the club.

Liverpool fans have been demanding clarification on the situation, given that at present there is uncertainty over whether the club is being sold outright, or if FSG are simply looking to invest more.

You want to sell directly

According CBS reporter Jacobs, FSG “would prefer a full sale to a minority investment”, despite previous reports suggesting otherwise.

Goal reporter Neil Jones previously reported that a third-party investment was the more likely option of the two.

“I understand that FSG would prefer a full sale to a minority investment despite offers of all kinds,” he said.

“And the expectation, from those who know the process, is that a sale can happen sooner rather than later.

“It’s important to note that ‘sooner’ in a sales context still takes a long time, especially without any interested parties in proprietary talks or having undertaken due diligence.

“But the sources have the wheels of stress very much in motion, with Mike Gordon now concentrating on finding options.

“Jurgen Klopp has received guarantees, regardless of the timetable, that the next two transfer windows will not be affected by the process. It’s business as usual on the recruitment and planning side.

Who could buy Liverpool?

There have been a number of potential buyers linked to Liverpool, including oil-rich backers from the Middle East and US venture capitalists. However, according to Jacobs, the latter is more likely.

He said: “Several sources also say the sale process is being framed by an American-led investor, with a group already in talks for a few weeks and other investors, who have specifically considered Chelsea, are still seriously considering an offer. .

“Since David Ornstein broke the news of a potential sale, #LFC has asked for a number of new suitors. But Dubai Holding (or a subsidiary) and Mumtalakat deny any interest. A buyer or investor based in the region MENA is unlikely.

“Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE) is a real contender and since trying out for Chelsea has remained in the market for a global club/brand. This is not good news for Palace (Harris/Blitzer own shares). But Palace presented no obstacles during the #CFC tender.

“FSG expects #LFC to sell nearly $1 billion more than Chelsea, despite their Forbes valuation being even higher ($4.45 billion). They specifically used this sale as a yardstick. That would put a selling price in the current market at $3.7bn (£3.1bn).

“Chelsea left for $3.1bn at the time, which equates to £2.3bn. But now that would only be $2.7 billion and that’s the number against which #LFC to some extent judges their worth.

“The expectation, from those familiar with the process, is that bids of $3 billion and above will be seriously considered. But the growing volume of interest should result in a higher sale price if a bidder chosen progresses.

“A full sale is by no means certain. FSG not only want the right price (they make a huge profit anyway), but also the right group, so a lot will depend not only on the offer but on the plan for the club in the future.