Danish journalist Siddiqui Parents sues the Taliban for his murder in Afghanistan

The family of Pulitzer-winning Danish photojournalist Siddiqui, who was killed in Afghanistan last year, has filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court to investigate his murder and bring those responsible, including top commanders, to justice. level and leadership of the Taliban, their lawyer Avi Singh said on Tuesday.

Siddiqui, 38, was on a mission in Afghanistan when he was killed on July 16 last year. He was covering clashes between Afghan troops and the Taliban in Kandahar City’s Spin Boldak district for Reuters.

Addressing a press conference, Singh said the official complaint was sent and lodged against Taliban commanders, including Afghanistan’s acting Prime Minister Mohammad Hassan Akhund and Acting First Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Ghani Baradar. Singh said they would also seek help from the Indian government on this.

He added: “We have just filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) regarding the conditions of war crimes and crimes against humanity on and around July 16 in the context of the murder of the award-winning photojournalist Pulitzer, Danish Siddiqui”.

The attorney said the lawsuit was filed on behalf of Siddiqui’s parents, Akhtar Siddiqui and Shahida Akhtar.

Singh claimed that Siddiqui was unlawfully killed because he was a journalist and an Indian citizen.

He said there are enough independent sources about what happened on July 16 after the journalist was injured in an attack while on assignment for Reuters.

He added: “He was taken to a mosque for medical treatment and although the mosque is historically an international customary place of refuge, it was attacked by the Taliban. Siddiqui had very clear identification indicating that he was approached. He had his passport on him and he was not a fighter.

“He was then unlawfully detained, by all independent evidence he was tortured afterwards. In fact, his body armor was intact when his body was received by the family.”

Siddiqui’s brother, Omar Siddiqui, said the perpetrators must be brought to justice.

He said: “It’s been quite painful with what happened with the Dane and we haven’t fully got through it. I know it’s a very long journey we’re on, but it’s an obligation. morality and our responsibility to pursue what happened with him, and the culprits must be brought to justice.”