Daniel Pearl’s Family Criticizes Daniel Pearl Magnet High School After Suspending Press Counselor

The father of murdered journalist Daniel Pearl came out swinging at the school that bears his son’s name, urging Daniel Pearl Magnet High School and the Los Angeles Unified School District to reconsider its decision to suspend a newspaper counselor school because of an article. The story in question was published by the student newspaper, The Pearl Post, in the fall of last year and named an unvaccinated librarian who chose not to receive the vaccine, resulting in the closure of the school library. The librarian requested that her name be removed from the story, which the students, after consulting with a lawyer, refused. Journalism teacher and journalism adviser Adriana Chavira is now facing a three-day suspension after refusing to respond to school demands to remove the librarian’s name, but she has some strong allies on her side. In a statement with Daniel Pearl’s father, Judea Pearl, the Los Angeles Press Club celebrated Chavira and said she was “respected by her peers over a decade of journalism” and said “she is supported by the local journalistic community”. This includes the Los Angeles Press Club, and specifically the Pearl family. Adding her voice, Judea Pearl, whose son Daniel was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan while on a mission to The Wall Street Journal, said, “I admire Adriana and all that she has done to inspire her students. I don’t want her to be disciplined for allowing her students to tell the truth. I only want the best for the students and the school, so I hope they reconsider this decision.

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