Chelsea reporter mocks Newcastle United for celebrating win – Growing Trend

A Chelsea reporter covering Saturday’s game at St James’ Park reacted to what he had just watched.

Rent Newcastle United for their sixth successive victory, for their eighth victory and a draw in the last nine matches?

Criticize Chelsea after failing to win one of their last six domestic matches, losing the last four?

No, neither.

Instead, the Chelsea reporter Simon Johnsonwho works for The Athletic, had this to say about Newcastle United and their fans celebrating the win over Chelsea:

“Newcastle players take a victory lap… is this the last game of the season?”

The Chelsea reporter looks through the nose at Newcastle players who hang around instead of coming straight off the pitch, then moves onto the SJP pitch to celebrate with fans and both groups showing mutual appreciation for their efforts to help keep this brilliant form. .

Also, of course, this season is unlike any other, as players and fans won’t see each other for a competitive match for the next six weeks or so.

It’s a fact that some journalists and some fans, who support/cover certain clubs, tend to do this kind of thing more and more. To make fun of fans in particular, to celebrate winning football matches.

Honestly, it’s such an elitist snobby attitude, coming from journalists in particular, people who not only watch the games for free BUT also get paid to watch the games! They are then so shameless that they then look down on tens of thousands of fans who have put in so much time, travel, effort and money, when they then celebrate a goal, a win, whatever.

To their credit, most Chelsea fans (which I assume are Chelsea fans who have attended a game before…) responding to this Chelsea reporter, disagree with his mocking attitude.

Responses to this Chelsea journalist Simon Johnson and his comments, from Newcastle and Chelsea fans, as well as those who support other clubs:

“Do your homework, Simon.

It happens in every home game. There is a bond between the team and the public that perhaps Chelsea and other teams cannot appreciate.

“They wouldn’t know what a bond between club, players and fans is. They dump players and managers every 5 minutes.

“(Chelsea fan) Apparently it happens to any team that beats Chelsea.”

“It happens a lot then, Chelsea are sad, it was actually easy yesterday.”

‘The football team celebrates with the fans. What an awful group huh? ‘

“I think if you’ve done any research (poor on your part) we do that at every home game, it’s to show the fans that they care and thank them for their support….. You’re welcome.”

“It’s the last game before the World Cup break, at home, late kick-off, with a big win against a main rival where the guys had to piggyback hard.

I try to be funny, but you had a shock with this genre.

‘(Chelsea fan) middle team

Achieved more than they can imagine.

“(Chelsea fan) Possibly one of my most hated teams in the league.”

‘And we f……love it.’

“(Chelsea fan) Grow up, it’s a big win for them and they actually have a great team spirit and connection with the fans.”

“It’s another home win.

We make one after every Simon home win!!

Wait until he also hears about the team photos when we win!!’

“(Leeds fan) Celebration Police come back to it.”

‘(Chelsea fan) They deserve it.’

“Every game, won or lost, #nufc makes the effort to interact with the fans and vice versa. Your fate should try it, it couldn’t hurt you.

“(Chelsea fan) I don’t think we are in a position to judge them at all.”

“Call yourself a reporter…we do that at every home game.”

‘Imagine showing appreciation to the fans. What a completely unreasonable thing to do.

Only in the minds of journalists is it a problem.

“The party police are back, aren’t they. Next stop “sportswashing central”, to finally arrive at “Howe has passed his way to form”. Desperate to discredit what’s been happening so far, another amazing season for NUFC. ‘

‘(Chelsea fan) Honestly, why shouldn’t Potter be fired? Anyone can have a plan, but results matter and short-term events take precedence. 2 years after Tuchel was asked to save us, we are back in the middle of the table with a manager out of his depth that the players don’t have. We have already done this.

“You wouldn’t understand the connection our fans have with our players. You’re used to playing in a library.

‘(Chelsea fan) is for them. Embarrassing set of inbreds who are many.

“I love how many people we shake.”

‘(Chelsea fan) Good for them, they are real players who care about their club. I would like to have some of them in our club instead of our clown players. I hope they will be in the top 4. And we can end up firing this clown manager.

“They do it after every game because it encourages unity, it shows the fans that they appreciate the overwhelming support they are getting from them. Klopp literally does his own Hakka fist pump after every win, Arteta and Conte go crazy with every goal, but you choose to try to minimize #NUFC Hilarious.

‘(Arsenal fan) Arsenal have been belittled all season for celebrating their wins. We know how this pointless criticism feels…’