American journalist who made a documentary on Shaheen Bagh, expelled from Delhi airport –

A US citizen and journalist associated with US news and entertainment company Vice Angad Singh was reportedly kicked out of Delhi airport on Wednesday night.

“My son, an American citizen who traveled 18 hours from Delhi to visit us in Punjab, has been deported,” Gurmeet Kaur wrote on Facebook. “Put on the next flight to New York.”

She also claimed that the authorities gave no reason to deport her son.

“But we know it’s his award-winning journalism that scares them,” read his Facebook post. “It’s the stories he’s made and the stories he’s capable of. It’s the love for his country that they can’t stand.

“It’s not easy to be a Sikh, a Gursikh at the top, a journalist, a warrior of truth and justice. Telling the truth has a price. We have to pay it,” she wrote further, adding the postscript, “So what story do you think pissed them off?

Singh, who works as a documentary producer for Vice News, had come to India for a family reunion.

“An American ‘Vice News’ reporter, Angad Singh, who had produced a documentary on the Shaheen Bagh protest was expelled from Delhi airport immediately after reaching India. He had come for a family visit. This is the state of the supposedly greatest democracy in the world,” read a tweet from Professor Ashok Swain.

A family member told Indian Express that Singh was recently denied a visa to make a documentary film about Dalits in the country, but this time he was visiting for personal and non-professional reasons.