5 Best Journalism Scholarships for Students – Ipass

Press freedom advocates argue that journalists must undergo specialized training to be effective. Sadly, a journalism degree can cost much over $100,000, not including undergraduate tuition Ipass ok with bad credit.

The good news is that journalism scholarships may help you pay for your degree. If you’re unsure where to go for journalism scholarships, the five excellent choices are here.

1. Associated Press Journalists

SPJ sponsors an annual scholarship contest for high school students. This is one of the top journalism scholarships for aspiring writers.


Three scholarships are awarded:

  • 1st place winner receives $1,000
  • The second-place winner receives $500
  • A $300 grant for third-place


High school students must complete entries. For the 2021 scholarship, students must respond to the following prompt:

“Why and how must journalists try to enhance diversity and inclusion in their coverage and newsrooms?”

How to Use

The postmark deadline is February 19, 2021. The Society of Professional Journalists’ website has the mailing address and complete contest regulations.

2. American Copy Editors Society

ACES, the Society for Editing, grants annual scholarships.


Six scholarships are available:

  • the Bill Walsh Scholarship is $3,500
  • 2,500 Aubespin Scholars
  • Scholarships of $1,500 each


All scholarship applicants must be juniors or seniors in college or graduate students in the summer or fall. Students in any academic subject who are pursuing a degree are eligible.

In addition to the Bill Walsh Scholarship, five other scholarships are available to “critical thinkers” who “passionately make writing clear and entertaining.”

How to Use

Scholarship applications are due November 15, 2021. All six scholarships are open, but only one is awarded. Writing a summary/headline of example news stories is one of the prerequisites. You may learn more about the prerequisites and apply online on the ACES Editors website.

3. National Press Club

The National Press Club offers several scholarships.


Among the scholarships:

  • The Honoring Julie School Scholarship for Journalism Diversity. Adding diversity to American Journalism
  • $5,000 Feldman Fellowship for Graduate Journalism Studies.
  • Scholarship of $5,000 for high school students interested in journalism
  • $5,000 per year for up to three years for broadcast journalism students.


Scholarship eligibility varies. Some are for high schoolers, and others are for grads. All scholarships are for aspiring journalists.

How to Use

The National Press Club outlines the application process for the four awards. Applicants must submit online using this website. The deadline for 2021 has passed. Applications are accepted annually between April and May.

4. National Press Photographers Foundation

This professional group offers scholarships to photojournalists.


  • There are over a dozen scholarships ranging from $500 to $4,000.


Applicants must be interested in photojournalism and have a portfolio of previous work. The National Press Photographers Foundation offers scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students.


The NPPF’s website has details on application deadlines and portfolio requirements.

5. Overseas Press Club Foundation

The Overseas Press Club Foundation offers numerous scholarships and fellowships to aspiring international correspondents.


  • It varies. Scholarship ($2,000) for David R. Schweisberg.


Student journalists from the US and abroad can apply for scholarships.

How to Use

See the OPC Foundation website for a complete list of scholarships, eligibility conditions, and application information.

Other Journalism Scholarships

Although these top five journalism scholarships can help pay for school, you may be interested in other financial aid options. See the resources below for more journalism school scholarships.

Financial aid at your school

Your journalism school may have a scholarship database you may search. They can also tell you about school or department-specific scholarships only available to students in your academic degree.

The state education department

There may be state-specific scholarships available. Your state’s Department of Education can assist you in getting financial aid. Individual state education departments are online.

Scholarship websites

Many websites have searchable scholarship databases. There are both general scholarships open to all graduate students and journalism-specific scholarships.

Scholarship search websites include:

  • FastWeb
  • Future colors
  • Scholarships.com

When journalism scholarships aren’t enough

It’s ideal to fund your journalism degree solely through scholarships and grants, but this isn’t realistic for many students. If you can’t receive enough free money, you’ll need to look into student loans.

In addition to low fixed rates, federal student loans offer crucial borrower protections. Loans can be forgiven, payment plans changed, or payments capped at a percentage of income. Always max out federal student loans to get these benefits.

The government loan limit is reached, and private loans are an excellent choice. Personal student loans also have lower annual and lifetime borrowing restrictions than government student loans, making them cheaper.

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